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Recognized as the best cotton in the world, this type of cotton
gives us a lot to experience with its great quality. Here we will

explain why.


It all begins in the north of Peru where cotton is carefully planted and harvested by hand by communities that specialize in the production of cotton plants. After the harvest we send to make our own fabrics, made with the greatest care and thinking of the smallest details to obtain a quality product that will be finished with the design of our garments.


Using Peruvian Pima Cotton, distinguish our layette among others for being extra soft, giving a silky sensation at the touch and a particular shine, also among other types of cotton, the long fiber of our Pima make our garments very breathable for the skin, durable and resistant to washing preventing from peeling.


All these characteristics make Pima Cotton clothing an excellent option for our babies, as it prevents allergies and skin irritations, it is breathable making it comfortable for babies and kids, also very resistant and practical for parents.

Take a look to our

Peruvian Pima Cotton Layette

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