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Our Mision

Is to be recognized as a leading company in the design and commercialization of clothing and accessories for babies, children and adults in the national and international market, as well as being a benchmark of trading good practices in the textile industry.

We are a Peruvian family-based company, specialist in the design and production of clothing for babies and children made with 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton.

Our Vision

Is to design, produce and commercialize clothing and accessories for babies, children and adults with excellence in all the process, using cotton fibers and other materials of exceptional quality as well as contributing to gender equality of our skilled workforce and to the development of the community in general.


Our journey

Covid-19 pandemic that began in 2020 has transformed the way we live at home, work, schools and in the community. Faced with this situation, our purpose, witch is : <<Offer garments for babies, of excellent quality and design to the national an international community >> has been our guide to adapt and guarantee the continuity of our company.


With this guide we have set goals for this 2021


Continue to make the safety of our customers and workers a priority, preventing the spread of COVID-19.


We promote the online sales strategy and thus offer a safer alternative for our clients.


Review and reinforce the value propositions to our clients, based on a deeper understanding of their needs and market opportunities.



Promote the creation of shared value with our suppliers, generating a positive impact for both in the commercial relationship.

Fare Trade Good Practices Certification

We are in the process of implementation to obtain the Fair Trade Good Practices Certification and we hope to have the certification by the end of this year.

We think green

Our contribution to caring for the environment is focused on promoting the recycling of our waste such as fabric and plastic scraps that originate in our production process.

We support equiality

Our company contributes to equal gender participation and our goal is to have gender parity in our personnel payroll; We are also committed to equal opportunities in salary, training and category changes or promotions.

About child labor

We disagree with child labor and in our organization we only hire staff who are of legal age; we encourage this agreement in our suppliers and we do not hire service companies or suppliers that hire minors.

About price settings

We make our pricing criteria available to our stakeholders; to request them you must write to us at

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